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We are advocates for dentists and dental hygienists. In Good Practice specializes in coaching newer graduates in their first five years of practice by teaching effective communication, creating efficient daily schedules, and developing a competitive advantage that fosters a more joyful life both inside and outside of the dental operatory.


An Open Letter to Dental Hygienists

Dear Dental Hygienist,

You are, without a doubt, the heart and soul of your dental practice. You may not own the practice, you may not be the boss, but you are a leader in my eyes.

Your team looks to you for guidance and direction on the crazy days when the doctor is running thirty minutes behind and patients are becoming upset. And when you step up to the plate and offer to anesthetize the patient or simply talk to them while they wait— you exemplify perfect leadership and a quiet reassurance that everyone will make it through the day in one piece.

Your doctor looks to you for assistance in introducing new patients to the culture of the practice, as you are their first interaction with the team. It is no small feat to win over a complete stranger given just sixty minutes, but you rise to the occasion and take plenty of intraoral photos, educate your patient, and set both the patient and the doctor up for success by thoroughly explaining the necessity of the treatment you recommend.

Your patients look to you for a familiar face and an empathetic ear when they’re going through tough times and haven’t been the model of good oral hygiene at home. They only see you two-to-four times a year, yet they feel like they’re meeting up with an old friend each time they see you, because you remember to ask about their daughter’s wedding or their trip to Europe they mentioned at their last visit. You are often the reason that patients continue to return to the practice.

I see you as so much more than an employee of the practice. Your ability to educate, guide, and treat our patients with the highest level of competence and respect is what enables our practice to grow. I could not do my job without you, and I forget to say that most days. Please know that when I forget to thank you for being instrumental to my success, I’m always aware of your value.


Dr. Molly