Using a block schedule is going to add production to your day and cut your stress in half. There is no better practice system than strategically engineered scheduling templates to skyrocket your daily production and create a consistent routine for both your team and patients.

If you never want to be shocked or frustrated by low production numbers again, start using these block scheduling templates (created by a dentist who’s been there) and prepare to never practice the same again.

Peek inside:

16 Block Schedule Templates

01. 8 templates for one-operatory dentistry 

02. 8 templates for two-operatory dentistry

03. Diverse set of templates covering all aspects of general dentistry: 

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o Composite restorations
o Implant restorations
o Crown and bridge restorations
o Clear aligner treatment
o Root canal therapy
o Impressions for occlusal guards and dentures
o Emergency appointments
o Pediatric appointments
o Teeth whitening procedures

What you will gain:

Smooth, chaos-free days in dentistry.

The ability to meet higher production goals (think: five-figure production days).

The ability to reduce your time chairside if you prefer .

Ready to start practicing smart, profitable dentistry? 


one time investment: