Watch your practice grow with an In Good Practice Membership.

Watch your practice grow with an In Good Practice Membership.

Stuck in a production rut? Think you lack the skills to sell treatment to your patients? Anxious about a light schedule? 

Systems are always the answer. 

Your In Good Practice Membership is now available to help start your journey toward a million-dollar (and beyond) practice. 

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Access a library of courses, templates, and guides with a membership that pays for itself (and then some) the first day you put it to use.  

Think of your IGP Membership as an invaluable (and very affordable) dental consultant in your back pocket. 

Just imagine: an always-growing library of digital courses and downloads to help you streamline your practice, gain thousands of dollars in production every month, and eliminating your most stressful practice dilemmas from your life for good. 

For $199 a month, peace of mind and a consistently growing practice. Who could ever pass on that? Not you, of course. 

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Our systems aren't just keeping practices afloat. They're skyrocketing them past their goals.   

Dentistry's best kept secret is practice systems. 

Systems for your morning huddle. Systems for your patient schedule. Systems for the way you present treatment to your patients. The key to a successful, low-stress practice of dentistry?

Systematize everything

Our dentists can't believe the astounding growth they see almost immediately when they start putting our methods in place. And you can access them all right now for only $199. 

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No catches. No long-term commitments. Cancel at any time (even though you won't want to).

It's time to get your practice growing, out of its rut, and on to better things. Let's do it the easy and efficient way with your In Good Practice Membership. You can access all of our courses, guides, and templates while you're still a member. And while you're free to end your membership at any time, we have a feeling you're going to like the improvements you see and continue on with us. 

We're happy to have you on board, doctor. Let's get to work right away!

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