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We are advocates for dentists and dental hygienists. In Good Practice specializes in coaching newer graduates in their first five years of practice by teaching effective communication, creating efficient daily schedules, and developing a competitive advantage that fosters a more joyful life both inside and outside of the dental operatory.


“Next Level Dentistry”

Can we safely say there is a lot more pressure on new dentists and new dental hygienists today than there was ten years ago? The game has changed- big time. And while there seems to be a big focus right now on helping practice owners elevate their business and increase their margins, we got to thinking: don’t the new dentists- the associates and the members of larger group practices- need support, too? We think perhaps even more support than ever given the rising cost of dental school tuition and the rise of “in-network” insurance policies.

We created In Good Practice for the associates, the not-quite-ready-for-ownership dentists. We created In Good Practice for the hygienists who want to be high producers and vital assets to their practice. We created this group for the dental practitioners who want to do next level dentistry- the kind that leaves you feeling in control, fulfilled, and without the heavy burnout we know so many young dentists and hygienists are battling.

We aren’t clinical instructors here, in fact, you won’t hear us talking about clinical dentistry at all on the blog or anywhere else. Clinical dentistry, as Molly can attest to as a dentist, improves greatly with time and repeated practice. What might not come as easily are the interpersonal and communication skills that are needed to actually be able to make a living doing dentistry. We know you really love doing dentistry- but you want to get paid to do it, right? (It’s ok to say it out loud, we promise.)

The skills and systems we’re here to teach are the ones you might not have been taught in dental school or hygiene school. How to talk to patients about treatment in a way that drives them to come back. How to “wow” patients so that they refer their friends and family. How to run a morning huddle that leads to more profitable and productive days. How to arrange your schedule in a way that encourages maximum productivity. Do the good dentistry we know you are capable of doing, and we’ll help with the rest.

Here’s what you can expect from us over here on the blog: weekly posts that are aimed to be more like a complimentary mini coaching session. We want dentists and hygienists to avoid burnout, love their career choice, and find time to do the things they love outside of work. We’re guessing you didn’t become a dentist to work 24/7, so let us help you do next level dentistry, sell your patients on the treatment they need, and become the dentist or hygienist that everyone wants to come see.

Welcome to In Good Practice! Be sure to follow along here on the blog for what we promise is valuable content and also on Instagram (@ingoodpractice) to see what we’re up to. Your best dentistry is just around the corner.