Want to learn how top dentists achieve high production goals and cut back their hours at work WITHOUT the burnout and frustration most dentists have accepted as the norm? Scroll on.

“I’m tired of taking hours of CE from the practice ‘experts,’ pouring hard-earned profits into marketing, and breaking my back doing more dentistry with still nothing to show for it.”

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- most dentists, at some point in their career

You don't need to work harder, you need the right systems.

Imagine for a minute, what it would feel like to have a magic wand to fix your practice's troubles. To all of the sudden have exactly what your practice needs to not only stay afloat, but to skyrocket past production goals. To have the exact formula for hitting $1 million in production by the end of the year. To have the secret to scheduling patients so that you produce more without having to do more procedures. To intuitively run your practice on autopilot.

Just envision it: You arrive to work and everything is in place for the perfect day. The schedule is full and projected to hit the daily production goal. Your team members take tasks off your plate so you can spend more time with patients. You stay on schedule without running behind or feeling rushed. You get a break to refuel and sit down for a break. You feel in control of the day. When the day is done, you feel accomplished but not drained. You go home to enjoy your family without bringing the stress of dentistry and business ownership home. You go to bed without any anxiety about going back to work tomorrow.

Introducing Practice Magic- a dentist’s guide for setting up proven practice systems, scheduling effectively for production, and getting more treatment accepted.

Practice Magic is a four-module guide that provides the exact blueprint for making your practice operate smoothly and achieve its highest possible production without the burnout. The specific, actionable steps outlined in the guide are designed to help you quickly and permanently improve the way your practice performs.

set your
production/collection goals

block schedule

morning huddle

improved case acceptance

You’ve put in the hard work to become a dentist (and paid good money, too). Why not aim to create the best practice you possibly can?

Why not start doing things the efficient, productive way?

Why not stand out as THE practice to go to in your area?

Why not build a practice that allows you to take some time off and rest?

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Your practice has the potential to be magic...
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