Does your daily production fluctuate heavily from day to day? Do you get frustrated by short, useless gaps in the schedule? Do you wish you could hit higher production goals but already feel maxed out on time?

You’re not alone, and there’s a solution.
Switching to our Production-Focused Scheduling technique will help you create scheduling templates that help you work smarter, not harder, toward your ambitious production goals.

The way you schedule does matter. It’s simply not possible to run smooth, highly productive days without using a production-focused approach.

learn how to

Production Focused Scheduling

01. Set up a day that achieves maximum production without the added stress.  

02. Improve your time management by using a block schedule (no more running late!).

03. Build your schedule around your production goal. 

04. Create a work environment that encourages team communication and smooth work flow. 

Bonus - 16 Block Scheduling Templates 

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1. Set Up for Success: Learn the basics of block scheduling, from morning huddle to putting your templates together.
2. One-Operatory Block Scheduling: For when you only have one chair to perform dentistry, this module will help you make the most of limited space and help you reach high production goals with just one chair.

3. Two-Operatory Block Scheduling: Maximize your productivity and efficiency with two-chair block scheduling. Learn how to balance two chair dentistry (without the added stress) to skyrocket your production.

4. Hygiene Block Scheduling: Grow your hygiene department and your practice’s passive income by creating production-focused templates for your hygienists.

5. Advanced Block Scheduling: Take your understanding of Production-Focused Scheduling to new heights by learning advanced techniques that will save time and grow the daily production.

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Are you ready to double, or perhaps triple your daily production? Our valuable course will help you add thousands of dollars in production to your week, just as soon as you switch to a Production-Focused Schedule. 

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