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Helping dentists continually learn how to produce $10K+/day from the comfort of their own home or office.


You're riding a production roller coaster, swinging from high to low production depending on the day?

You're tired of dealing with cranky patients and a revolving front door of employees?

You've spent thousands on consultants and CE courses, only to see results flicker out quickly?

You dream of building a high-end, boutique-style practice that reflects the superior quality of work you provide?

Do any of these sound familiar?

We're not mind-readers, but can we correctly assume...

Instead of stumbling in the dark and grappling with the mystery of high-production dentistry, grab a seat in our Executive Membership to engineer seven-figure systems in record time. 

Because inside the Executive Membership, you'll find the complete seven-figure practice blueprint for high-production without the hassle or burnout. Your dental practice can join the elite ranks of seven-figure dentistry, and it's not as complicated as you've been led to believe. The key to a revenue breakthrough is a set of day-to-day operational systems that boost production by the hour. If your practice doesn't rely on systems for production (minus the burnout), isn't it time to see what you've been missing?

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The Block Scheduling method is a seven-figure practice's tool for ensuring it meets its high daily production goal without the burnout and without running behind schedule. 

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Our Morning Huddle flow is unlike any meeting you've seen. Our action-packed huddle system will not only help you pack more production into the day, but it will help eliminate unnecessary chaos and confusion while uniting your team. 

Your hygiene department is the passive income source of your practice- how would you grade yours? We've laid out the blueprint for highly profitable dental hygiene in this first in a series of courses that aims at improving periodontal disease diagnosis and treatment. 

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Does the idea of producing $10K in a single day seem far-fetched to you? We know every practice has what it takes to achieve this milestone when they use the framework outlined in our guidebook.

Gain better case acceptance by learning the main treatment objections from patients and how to overcome them in order to guide patients toward comprehensive care.

"From $50k months to $90k months with these courses and guides. Putting systems and structure in place helped give me the confidence to finally, FINALLY, drop insurance and become fee-for-service. This membership is seriously life-changing."

- dr. liz, practice owner

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Multi-million dollar practices know that the secret sauce is systems. Systems for your morning huddle. Systems for your patient schedule. Systems for the way you present treatment to your patients. Systems equal profit and pain-free practice growth.

It's time to get your practice growing, out of its rut, and on the path to million-dollar-per-year production. Let's do it the easy and efficient way with your In Good Practice Executive Membership. You can access all of our courses, guides, and templates while you're still a member. And while you're free to end your membership at any time, we have a feeling you're going to like the improvements you see and continue on with your practice's exponential growth.

Your all-in-one practice growth toolkit with new digital products delivered every month to help you keep growing your production. 


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