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You need a daily production goal

A couple of days ago we shared a link to our guide, Production Boosters for Dentists, to help you get the ball rolling on your most productive practice of dentistry (Did you miss the link? Here you go!). While there are many moving parts to a thriving practice of dentistry, one that brings you satisfaction over strain, so much of your success depends on your ability to consistently produce. How can you keep your doors open to help your patients if you can’t pay your overhead? Production, no matter which way you slice it, is central to your success.

But how much should you be producing? That really depends on what you aspire to for yourself and your practice. You don’t have to be a practice owner, by the way, to hold high standards for yourself as a producer. What every dentist needs, practice owner or not, is a daily production goal.

Why a daily production goal and not a monthly, quarterly, or annual? Because like eating nutritious foods and exercising and getting plenty of sleep, it’s what you do daily that matters most. I may set a goal for myself to read fifty books this year—that doesn’t sound so hard, does it? But tonight, I don’t feel like reading and I opt for a Netflix night instead, and that’s ok because it’s just one night. And then one night I decide to tackle those three baskets of laundry and by the time it’s all folded and put away, I’m exhausted and decide to read tomorrow. And before you know it, it’s December of 2020 and I have fifty books to read before the clock strikes midnight on the New Year.

Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s so much easier to hold yourself and your team accountable day by day.

Maybe you have an annual goal in mind- that one-million-dollar mark that so many dentists have their eye on. I love that goal—let’s keep it and break it down and create a daily goal that will help us achieve our big trophy goal.

Let’s say you’re working twenty days per month, on average. That’s 240 days a year. Let’s subtract two weeks for vacations and holidays. That’s 226 working days. One million dollars divided by 226 working days equals $4,424.77 per day.

You can absolutely achieve this.

Having a daily production goal makes it easier to achieve your bigger, seemingly more far-reached goals. If you make your daily production goal a non-negotiable part of your practice, you will achieve a level of success you had no idea existed. You can keep bumping that goal higher and higher, but as long as you make that goal non-negotiable and you find ways to achieve that goal, you can make your practice as successful as you want it to be.

Let us know—do you have a daily production goal? If you don’t, send me an email and let us help you get started! Molly@ingoodpractice.com. I’d love to help.


To Your Big Goals,