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We create high-end practice operating systems, branding, and marketing materials to build your $10k/day private dental practice.

The practice of your dreams? It's already within reach. Ready to build your ideal practice?

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We help ambitious dentists establish high-end, million-dollar practices by creating production-focused systems and building a brand that connects to prospective patients.

our mission:

Right now, you're feeling frustrated and burnt-out from dentistry. You want a stable, consistently high-producing practice, without feeling like you're putting out small (stressful) fires in your day-to-day operations. Good news, doctor-- we've written the blueprint for building a practice you love and that is able to support your life outside of dentistry. 

Dentistry meets seven-figure business development with our co-founders.

What we do for you

Dr. Molly + Daniel

dr. amber, practice owner

"The investment in the executive membership will pay for itself in under a day, & it didn't require any travel or time away from the office.”

Dr. Brian, practice owner

"This program gave me the confidence to ditch the in-network rat race so I can produce more without working more. My team is happier, our production went from $60k to $100k in just two months, and I'm finally a more relaxed parent at home. The executive membership is worth every penny and then some."

dr.Emily, associate dentist

"As an associate, I felt powerless in our practice's lack of structure. After we became IGP members, my boss and I both saw a 30% increase in our monthly production and have noticed a major team attitude shift. We're on the edge of our seat every month waiting for the next amazing monthly product."


what they're saying

Swap their burnout and long hours for efficient and predictable practice systems

We help Dentists who are Ready to...

Take guilt-free time off to spend with their families or explore passions outside of dentistry

Enjoy the benefits of producing six-figure production months

Say good-bye to high team turnover, and create a practice people are begging to work with

Do better dentistry thanks to scheduling systems that encourage practicing smarter, not harder

Transition to an insurance-independent practice easily

explore our products + services

Are built on a foundation of systems. Are free from the limits placed by insurance companies. Hire and retain exceptional team members who stay. Know the hidden power of above-and-beyond customer service. Can be easily built without the high price tag of a consultant. 

Does it sound like we can help you bring your dream practice to life?

Your dental practice can produce one million (and then some).

Long live private practice

we believe that good practices:

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