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The systems we've developed and perfected over the past several years- Block Scheduling, Morning Huddle, Treatment Plan Presentations- have proven they can produce results without the typical investment of a long-term dental consultant or pricey team training. We believe every dentist who desires financial success for their practice and joy for their practice of dentistry should obtain just that. 

And that's what we'll be doing for you with our easy-to-comprehend digital courses, templates, and guides. 

What do seven-figure dental practices have in common?

They're led by dentists who understand the importance of practice systems.

Everything we teach inside of our membership is a daily habit and system for hitting high-production goals- not just a random skill you might use a few times per year. Every month we'll be adding one new digital product- a course, template, or guide- that can potentially add thousands of dollars to your monthly production.

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Our membership is the seven-figure annual production blueprint.

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Block Scheduling is the solution to so many of dentistry's daily stresses. Our most popular online course, Production-Focused Scheduling, provides step-by-step instruction on how to get our unique take on Block Scheduling started in your practice immediately.

Low monthly production with too much overhead? Start Production-Focused Scheduling. Tired of days filled with small procedure "pebbles"? Start Production-Focused Scheduling. Feel like you're constantly running twenty minutes behind schedule? Start Production-Focused Scheduling. This systems has the power to revolutionize your practice, rejuvenate your team, and help your production grow exponentially.  

Digital Course

production-focused scheduling

Say good-bye to scheduling stress with our step-by-step course on Block Scheduling.

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Your team's start-of-the day huddle is so much more than a run-through of appointments. It's an opportunity to make the day more productive, less chaotic, and a better experience for your patients. Keeping your Morning Huddle production-focused is one very simple way to keep your practice growing and your team and patients happy. 

Digital Course

production-focused morning huddle

Use Morning Huddle to add production to your day, every day.

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Looking to join the group of dentists who are racing past the seven-figure production mark every year? Our guidebook, The Road to $10k/Day Dentistry, provides a comprehensive look at the systems that will lead you to multiple $10k production days per month. Learn the basics of morning huddle, financial treatment presentations, block scheduling, presenting treatment plans, and more. 

Digital Guidebook

the road to $10k/day dentistry

Five-figure production days are achieved with practice systems.

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Want to swipe the block scheduling templates we've been using to achieve high daily production? We've created eight single-operatory block schedule templates and eight two-chair block schedule templates that cover all areas of general dentistry. 

Digital Templates

16 block schedule templates

Aim for high-production days every day by using block scheduling templates.

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Long before we launched In Good Practice Consulting, we dreamed of creating a library of digital products and courses to help dentists systematize their practices so they could watch their margins grow. It's been our experience that most dental consultants fail to see the big picture of what makes a dental practice hyper-productive and capable of continuous growth. 

Our philosophy is simple: your practice shouldn't run your life, it should support it. Basic practice systems create predictable growth, add production consistently, and make dentistry more enjoyable- for yourself, your team, and your patients. 

We're on a mission to make every practice a great one and give confidence to the dentists who lead them. We know you have a profitable and exciting career in dentistry ahead of you. Let's get started now. 

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