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Establish systems for your practice of dental hygiene.

Assert confidence when recommending both diagnostic and preventive treatment, such as X-rays and fluoride.

Become your dentist's most valuable asset in the practice.

for Hygienists

Increase your daily production without adding more hours to your workday

Perfect your chair-side manner to strengthen relationships and build trust with your patients.

Streamline your practice of dentistry by utilizing systems designed to help you work smarter not harder.

For Dentists

A FULFILLING career and a big life are waiting for you on the other side of your fears and FRUSTRATIONS. Lets go after them.


We are advocates for dentists and dental hygienists. In Good Practice specializes in helping newer graduates in their first five years of practice by teaching effective communication, creating efficient daily schedules, and developing a competitive advantage that fosters a more joyful life both inside and outside of the dental operatory.

About us


The transition from dental and hygiene school to the practice of dentistry is full of growing pains. Whether you've joined a large group practice or purchased your own, the world of private practice can be daunting to navigate. Add in those student loan repayments and you might wonder if it was all worth it.

At In Good Practice, we understand you dream of a successful & profitable career in dentistry. We also understand that work should not get in the way of your dreams, but instead help facilitate them. The time and resources to travel, afternoons at the park with your kids, and time to pursue passions outside of dentistry— let us help you make space for the things you want while still making big leaps in your career.

In Good Practice partners with dentists and dental hygienists in their pursuit of creating careers in dentistry that they love and that allow them to lead a more fulfilling life outside of their work.


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After six years of growing dental practices that were part of group organizations, I've shifted my focus to helping dentists implement the same methods & systems that enabled me to produce more by spending less time at work. I understand well the struggles of new dentists, associate dentists, dentists who simply want a higher quality of life. I offer solutions for treatment plan acceptance, chair side manner, and effective scheduling.

Lead PRACTITIONER Consultant

Molly Hayes DDS


Helping dental professionals through a customized and innovative approach is at the heart of what I bring to In Good Practice. A practitioner’s case acceptance (sales) is the force that will determine the success of their practice and business. With my 13 years of engineering and business development experience, I help our dentists and hygienists increase their sales without compromising their integrity. This is all accomplished by creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the patient and practitioner.

Dental PROFESSIONAL Experience Advocate

Daniel Namie

The Team


that a provider’s empathy and disposition are at the heart of exceptional dental practices. 

We Believe


the magic is happening chairside, not in marketing tactics or discounts. 

We Believe


in making space for the life you desire outside of dentistry.

We Believe

No two dental providers are the same, that’s why we tailor each consulting package to fit your individual needs, expectations, and dreams. So pour a cup of coffee and tell us all about it below. The first session is our gift to you. 


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"If you talk about it, it's a dream, if you envision it, it's possible, but if you schedule it, it's real." 

Anthony Robbins

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