If you've ever felt like dentistry brings you more headaches than joy, you're in good company. And the good news is, we're not just teaching dentists how to get their production to the seven-figure mark-- we're showing them how to do it without burnout, without the anxiety, and without the hefty price tag of a dental consultant who doesn't bring lasting results. 

If you dare to ditch your career burnout, feelings of being "trapped," and daily frustrations with your practice, we'll show you a whole new way to practice more productively and with more joy. 

You’ve found the place where highly ambitious dentists go to learn practice systems and high-production strategies in a see-results-now manner.

Molly Hayes, DDS & Daniel Namie


We're here to equip you with the tools and systems to take your practice from average to elite.

We create practice systems, block schedules, and document templates for dentists looking to gain the confidence they need to transform their practice.

Our free guide to help you discover the effortless systems that lead to million-dollar dentistry.

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It doesn't seem like that long ago I was sitting exactly where you are now- exhausted from hearing the grumblings of both patients and team members, frustrated with too-light and too-full schedules, and lacking all of the joy I was told dentistry would bring me. I thought I had chosen the wrong path and that the rest of my life would hinge on this wrong decision. 

If you had told me back then that I would find a way out of my rut to consistently produce seven-figures year after year in my practice and love showing up to work everyday, I wouldn't have believed you. But that's exactly what happened, and if I could do it, you most definitely can, too.

The instructional courses, templates, and guides you'll find inside of our Executive Membership are the exact pieces of the roadmap I used to get out of my production rut and start loving my work and my life again. Multiple-seven-figure dentistry without the career burnout is possible- and isn't that what you signed up for?

If you're anything like me, you've had big aspirations for your career for as long as you can remember. You've also probably found out, as I did, that dentistry is full of obstacles and road blocks on the way to that big dream. I couldn't help but think that dentistry wasn't exactly what I signed up for- does that thought ever cross your mind?

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And you want it with a side of team members with great attitudes, happy patients who understand your value, and time to put your feet up more than once a year. 

This is where we step in and say, "wish granted, doctor!" Because it's much less complicated than you've been told it is, this whole million-dollar practice thing. It's time to live out your practice dreams with less stress and more patients lining up around the corner to see you. 

We get it- you want your practice to be productive on autopilot.

The principles and strategies that helped me sell multi-million dollar engineering equipment are no different from those that help you successfully present treatment to your patients. Your practice is a small business, and I bring my 15 plus years of business development experience to In Good Practice so that you can master the sales skills needed to get patients back in your chair and keep your schedule full.

How often do you think of yourself as a salesperson? You may be an exceptionally talented clinical dentist-- but who will ever know if you aren't selling your patients on treatment?

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The systems we teach inside of our membership won't just gain you more production-- they'll give you freedom from the stress you've been feeling. How much is freedom worth to you?

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