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We are advocates for dentists and dental hygienists. In Good Practice specializes in coaching newer graduates in their first five years of practice by teaching effective communication, creating efficient daily schedules, and developing a competitive advantage that fosters a more joyful life both inside and outside of the dental operatory.


  Many dentists are particular (and perhaps even downright fussy) about the clinical materials they use. Me? I’m extremely finicky about the way I arrange my patient schedule. For good reason, too. Implementing a block schedule into my practice of dentistry has transformed my life, and I’m never going back to my pre-block schedule way […]

A couple of days ago we shared a link to our guide, Production Boosters for Dentists, to help you get the ball rolling on your most productive practice of dentistry (Did you miss the link? Here you go!). While there are many moving parts to a thriving practice of dentistry, one that brings you satisfaction […]

Dear Class of 2019, We have a heavy and loaded question for you: How’s it going? I’m willing to bet you don’t get asked that question too often. You’re about six months into your new life as a dentist. After a couple of decades of being a student, it can be difficult to shed that […]

Most of the dentists I talk to would like to make more money— but they look over their shoulder and say it softly to be sure I’m the only one who heard them declare it out loud.  The objective for all of you is to make money. This is a necessity to stay in business, […]

Dear Dental Hygienist, You are, without a doubt, the heart and soul of your dental practice. You may not own the practice, you may not be the boss, but you are a leader in my eyes. Your team looks to you for guidance and direction on the crazy days when the doctor is running thirty […]

I’ve been practicing dentistry long enough to understand that not every patient who walks through my door is going to be my ideal patient. Some patients are going to reject everything I tell them they need to do for their health. Some patients are going to give me a hard time about the cost of […]

There are a few things, without which, I absolutely cannot have a productive day in dentistry. A morning huddle with my entire team to examine the day that lies ahead is one such thing I could never do without. Where are my morning people at? Raise your Starbucks cup high for me. I may try […]

I’ve been wearing the same brand of shoes and clothing for ten years because I haven’t found another line that fits me quite as well or maintains its original quality as long. I drive 30 miles to have a man named David cut my hair every three weeks because he’s never done a bad job. […]

Can we safely say there is a lot more pressure on new dentists and new dental hygienists today than there was ten years ago? The game has changed- big time. And while there seems to be a big focus right now on helping practice owners elevate their business and increase their margins, we got to […]